5 generation family farm with a colorful and wholesome history.Our Story is a one of determination and never giving up. Farming has never been easy, and to keep up the good fight we diversified, and offer hay, feed sales, custom processing for your beef and pork, and we will soon be opening a retail store as well as currently selling beef, pork and chicken in a call in order manner, and we fill it for you, and call you when its ready. To our current customers, thank you for choosing us, and to our new visitors, welcome, and we hope to become friends soon.

Quality Meat Products

Who We Are

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Stanley Higgins bought the farm in 1935 in Charleston, Maine. In 1941 he sold it to Charles “Shine” and Margaret Higgins. The farm began as a potato, dairy, and hay operation. Barry Higgins, their son, helped on the farm growing up, but didn’t officially work with his father until the 1960’s when the farm became Charles C Higgins & Son. They began growing their hay and dairy business and started a small herd of natural beef, so that they could supply their customers with beef raised on their farm. Maple Lane Farms is now one of the largest hay dealers in the Northeastern United States.

Every thing we touch is done by hand. Every bag, every piece of bacon, every sausage link stuffed, every piece of tape or label, or every tenderloin cut. There are people behind all of our products. We are grateful for our hard working work family, inside and out. There will always be faces and names with Maple Lane Farms, and that is exactly how we want it. We arent “mechanized fast” (might seem it sometimes! LOL)…but we care. Welcome to the Maple Lane Farms family.

Our Products and Services

What We Do

Meat Processing

Custom processing in a state inspected facility for customers who raise their own animals.

All natural screened compost that works miracles for gardens, flowers, and plants. This compost consists of processing waste, cow waste, and horse barn waste and is mixed for several months before it is ready for sale.
Hay & Silage
We sell top quality round and square hay bales here at Maple Lane. Hay bales are four by four rounds that are stored inside and are net wrapped. All hay bales we sell are horse quality. Silage is sold by the ton.
Weekly Specials

To place an order please call the office. If you choose to place an order, we will call to let you know when its done, and please be sure to order everything you want, because we do not have time to do add-on items at this time. Package deals listed below. 


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