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Custom Processing

Custom processing in a state inspected facility for customers who raise their own animals. We can cut, vacuum seal, freeze, smoke, and label your meat. Your label MUST go through an application process and be approved BEFORE we can use them.  It can be timely so be sure to plan ahead .  We can guide you through the process so please take recommendations into consideration as it will only speed things up for you. We will need a signed residue free form annually on all inspected animals as well as resale/wholesaler license on file.  If you don’t have your own label you can use ours!

Custom processing is by appointment only. Call early for fall scheduling to ensure an appointment. We are often booked solid for fall by spring, so please keep that in mind. 


You will need to make an appointment for slaughter. If you need to cancel or change the number of animals, you MUST call us.  You have  7 days to pick up after we call you that your animal is complete or there is a $5 a day charge. 

Pork and Beef Processing fees

Pork Slaughtering Fee: $80.00
Custom Pork Processing: $0.75 per pound                Inspected processing $.90  your label $1.00lb our label

Beef slaughter fee $100

                   Custom beef processing $ .85lb                          Inspected beef processing. $.90lb your label $1.00lb our label

Pigs for Roasters: Priced per pound , call for more details.
Slicing Bacon: $0.60 per pound

Smoking fees $1.15lb


$0.60 per pound
Links Fee: $1.50 per pound (sm/lg) 25LB MINIMUM
Patties Fee: $1.00 per pound 
Sausage Flavors: Breakfast, Hot, Sweet, Garlic, Maple, Chorizo

Additional Processing Info

Smoking Meat: $1.15 per pound
Slaughter Only: Add $30  and  $10 handling fee

Just grinding $ .70lb
Vacuum sealing $.65lb
                                Sausage making $ .60lb                                    Patty making $1.00 lb


Lamb and Goats

< 100 lbs $100.00 Cut/Wrap/Freeze
> 100 lbs $1.00 lb Cut/Wrap/Freeze

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