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Double check to make sure you have a slaughter appointment. ( We are currently pretty much booked Sept-Mid December, just so you are aware when calling 06/19/21) These book out months in advance, so plan accordingly.
Make sure you will be able to arrive here at or before 9am on your slaughter date day.
lf you need transportation for your animal, make sure that is arranged, by us, or a private transporter. lf
you need transportation by us, we need at least a 10 day notice before the date.
Get in contact with your customers, if you have them, to have prepared spec sheets, phone numbers, etc. 
Collect and have us note any ear tag numbers, special markings, etc., that you might use or want, to identify/differentiate your animals PRIOR to the being put in the pen, while the girls are doing your paperwork when you are here to drop off. 
For custom animals ONLY, let us know if you would like the head, ears, or anything connected to the
skull PRIOR to or at unloading.
lf necessary, for identification, give us ear tag numbers, markings, hide color, etc.
lf you are assigning your animals to customers, family, etc. we need to know if you will be separating
them by weight, color, ear tag, etc. It is your responsibility to assign your animals to your customers as you see fit. Remind them to call within 5 days to do a cut sheet. We can not hold up the line because someone hasnt gotten cut sheets to us, and the animal may be cut to our standard without instructions given. Please let them know. 
lf you would like to keep your organs, no matter if you want one item, or all, we must know at this time.
lf you are selling to a customer base, we need to know if the customer will pay us for the butchering, or
if the person solely responsible for the animal will be paying the entire bill.
lf you are splitting the animal, i.e. halving, quartering, etc. we need to know at the time of drop off, or it
will be packaged as a whole animal.
On all beef, if you plan on quartering, the specs must be the same. Keep this in mind if you are assigning beef to customers. We do not quarter pork or lamb.
We will not save hides or organs if not directed to do so AT the time of drop off. Time is of the essence. We cant do anything once its too late. All hides need to be picked up within 24 hours and we do not salt them. They go as is. 
All specs must be received by the office within: -5 davs for beef and 
-24 hours for pork and lamb.
lf you have not given us the specs in the allotted time frame listed above, we will be doing a
“STANDARD CUT”. There are no exceptions.
lf your beef is over 30 months, and is inspected, all steaks that are attached to the spine, i.e. T-bone,
Porterhouse, will have to be boneless. There are no exceptions to this.
On inspected pork, the jowls will not be included as a cut option.

Hope you find this information helpful, any questions, do not hesitate to ask. 285-3591

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