Our Retail Price Lists and Order/Cutting instruction Forms for you to download and print

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Custom cut/spec sheets

These forms are ONLY for those having their beef or pork processed here, or for those who have placed an order for a side, whole beef or side or whole pork. You MUST call the office to order a side or whole, to be placed on a waiting list. Download and print our cut/spec sheets and fill them out within 5 days for beef or 24 hrs for pork. If they are not submitted, they will be cut to our standard. NO EXCEPTIONS. No submitting them will hold up the line and we wont do that. If you have any questions about an order form please give us a call at 207-285-3591.

Price List

All of our package deals and specials are always listed on our Facebook page. Just type in “Maple Lane Farms” and “like” our page. All individual prices are always bumped to the top of our posts. Order as much or as little as you want. Office prices supersede online price lists and are subject to change, but it is very infrequent we raise prices. If you have any questions about a price list, or if you’d like to place an order, please give us a call at 285-3591

Any questions, call the office, at (207)285-3591

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