Double check to make sure you have a slaughter date.
Make sure you will be able to arrive here at or before 9am on your slaughter date day.
lf you need transportation for your animal, make sure that is arranged, by us, or a private transporter. lf
you need transportation by us, we need at least a 7 day notice before the date.
Get in contact with customers to have prepared spec sheets, phone numbers, etc.
Collect any ear tag numbers, special markings, etc. that you might use or want, to identify your animals.
For custom animals ON[Y, let us know if you would like the head, ears, or anything connected to the
lf necessary, for identification, give us ear tag numbers, markings, hide color, etc.
lf you are assigning your animals to customers, family, etc. we need to know if you will be separating
them by weight, color, ear tag, etc.
lf you would like to keep your organs, no matter if you want one item, or all, we must know at this time.
lf you are selling to a customer base, we need to know if the customer will pay us for the butchering, or
if the person solely responsible for the animal will be paying the entire bill.
lf you are splitting the animal, i.e. halving, quartering, etc. we need to know at the time of drop off, or it
will be packaged as a whole animal.
On all beef, if you plan on quartering, the specs must be the same. We do not quarter pork or lamb.
We will not save hides or organs if not directed to do so within the time of drop off.
All specs must be received by the office within: -5 davs for beef
-24 hours for pork and lamb
– at drop off time for same
lf you have not given us the specs in the allotted time frame listed above, we wil! be doing a
“STANDARD CUT”. There are no exceptions.
lf your beef is over 30 months, and is inspected, all steaks that are attached to the spine, i.e. T-bone,
Porterhouse, will have to be boneless.
On inspected pork, the jowls will not be included as a cut option.

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  1. Mark Trynor

    Hi this is Mark Traynor

    We have a pig where looking to get butchered. We are wondering if we could get prices on the butchering and if we could have you pick up the pig or if we had to bring the pig to you. We leave in Edmands Maine

    1. c97266x1

      Hi Mark, Pork processing is .60lb hanging weight, smoking, slicing and sausage is extra. That is something you need to call the office for as far as pick up and date as Barry runs the appointment book. Right now we are booked until the end of January. If you are interested in that, 285-3591 is our number, Barry can set that up for you and give you a quote for picking them up. Thank you!

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